Create your e-commerce newsletter in seconds instead of hours

Are in you in charge of creating newsletters for an e-commerce website?

If so you might find yourself copy pasting product titles, prices, and pictures all the time you create a newsletter. That’s time wasted every week that you could spend in better ways.

If you use WooCommerce as e-commerce plugin there’s a good news for you. You can cut the time needed for this data-entry job from 1+ hour to 5 minutes by using this free WordPress plugin: “WooCommerce Newsletter Generator” by Fikri Rasyid

This plugin works with any email platform because it gives you HTML you can copy paste in any editor.


The way it helps you:

  • You create a “newsletter” from WordPress backend with 1-click
  • Then you select a grid based template (or create a variation of your own if you’re a developer/designer)
  • For each square of the grid you can select a product from WooCommerce
  • This way with 1 click you’ll get the right image, price and title in place
  • You save the newsletter and you’ll get the HTML markup
  • You copy and paste the HTML in MailChimp/aWeber/CampaignMonitor or whatever newsletter platform you use

woocommerce-newsletterI tested the plugin and these are 2 improvements I can suggest to the author.

  • make the existing templates responsive (right now they’re not going on 1-column in narrow screens)
  • crop/resize the image proportionally (right now as you can see from the screenshot they can be distorted)

Other than this I think this plugin can save you time, especially if you create your own starting template.