It must be stressful to look for the right “web professional”

Before getting to this stage you probably asked for referrals but it didn’t help so now you’re left with the last resort: going out on the internet and reach out to complete strangers for help.

Especially if you are NOT a technical person each candidate brings up to you the same doubts:

  • will he understands my needs and industry?
  • how much should the project cost?
  • can I trust him to deliver on time (or deliver at all)?
  • will he returns emails and phone calls until the end of the project?
  • am I getting the most value for my money?
  • what will I exactly get with this investment?

These are legitimate questions and I can help you answer them.

Aligning our expectations is the most important way to ensure you won’t waste your precious time and money (that’s by the way my #1 goal if we’ll work together).

Giacomo is our go-to person with everything internet related. He helped us get an online presence that brings leads and establish us as an authority. In the last 2 years we were able to focus on the offline part of our business because we were confident the internet side of our business was taken care of in a reliable and responsive way.

Riccarda Zezza, CEO at Piano C

Are we a good fit?

We are a good fit if you’re looking for a professional that:

  • Has a strategic and proactive approach to problems and needs
  • Can design and code while still maintaining the business overview
  • Can deliver on time and within budget but is never in a rush
  • Is accountable and responsive and expects the same from you
  • His primary goal is to make you more money than what he costs

On the other hand we are NOT a good fit if:

  • you are not the decision maker in your company
  • you don’t believe a better internet presence can significantly increase your sales/situation
  • your company is not profitable or has less than 3’000$ to invest
  • you are looking for someone to just execute your plans
  • you are not interested in long term relationships

Sometimes you need a specialist. Most of the time you don’t.

Sometimes you need a specialist but more often than not a generalists will give you more value. I can design AND code. By not having to use a developer and a designer you will save time and money and produce a better product. Unless of course you’re working on a major project with 20’000$ or more of funding. In that case you should totally hire an agency.

I’ll proactively suggest cheaper/better alternatives.

Everything you’ll ask me to do I’ll think at alternative ways that are more cost-effective and efficient. It means that I will not always execute exactly what you’re asking for. Sometimes I’ll even push backs on requests that are simply too risky or expensive.

Remember that my interests is to help you make more than I cost you: so that you keep coming back for more help. Our interests are aligned.

I’ll send you a weekly status update every Friday by 4pm.

Unlike other disappearing freelancers you might have worked with… keeping you constantly updated is my priority.

If you like what you’ve read so far: go to the hire me page and fill the form to get started.