Consulting for online courses

Hire me to develop the strategy, design and build your online course.

About you

You are either:
  • from the HR deparment
  • a trainer or coach
  • an expert who wants to reach a thousands of people
  • you've been tasked of creating an online course
You are looking for someone to take care of the strategy design and implementation of the course.

How I can help?

Strategy: what are the goals? Are there courses, already successful, that we can use as models?
Design: what's the best way to make the change happen in the learner? how can we support and increase engagement?
Technology: with my technical background I can manage specialised freelancers that can implement the actual platform that will deliver the course

Why should you trust my advices?

Before focussing 100% on designing and developing online courses I have been consulting, designing and developing for big brands (like the one you see here). Of course, because I'm a one-man-band I usually got the sale through agencies and intermediates. But nevertheless the platforms I've helped build are still delivering.